Construction Joints

& Sheet Metal Flashing

Metal Construction Joints are versatile problem solvers. Use for expansion joints, waterstops, weakness or control joints in concrete or masonry.


Also, use in formwork to create reveals and drip edges on formed surfaces of concrete. Furnished in 10 ft (3.048 m) lengths.

  • Materials & Finishes

    Stainless Steel:

    Sheet Metal Anchors and Ties: ASTM A 167 AISI Type 304.

    Plate and Bent Bar Anchors: ASTM A 666 AISI Type 304.

    Wire Ties and Anchors: ASTM A 580 AISI Type 304.


    Hotdip Galvanized:

    ASTM A 153 Class B-2: (1.50 oz/ft2) (0.46 kg/m2)


    Mill Galvanized:

    Sheet Metal Anchors and Ties: ASTM A 653 G60

    Wire: ASTM A 641 (0.1 oz/ft2)


    Plain Steel:

    Sheet Metal Anchors and Ties: ASTM A 569, ASTM A 366.

    Plates, Bars, and Shapes: ASTM A 123, ASTM A 36.

    Wire: ASTM A 82, ASTM A 82-95a.


    Firewall Anchors:

    Rolled Strip Zinc Alloy 710.

    (Firewall alloy 1/8” and 16 gage only)

Construction Joints


  • Gages and Finishes: Available in 26, 24, 22, 20, 18, and 16 gage Stainless Steel, Mill Galvanized, and 16 oz Copper
  • Specify catalog number, width "A", width of Opening "C", depth of center section "B", width of flanges "D", bend angle, gage, and finish.
  • Optional flanges Type A and B are available for all construction joints.



  • #90-L Available Resources

  • #91 Available Resources




  • #93-U Available Resources

  • #94-V Available Resources

  • #94-W Available Resources

Sheet Metal Flashing


  • Heckmann custom fabricates flashings from Stainless Steel and Mill Galvanized in 11 gage to 26 gage, 16 oz. Copper, and .032" Aluminum. Flashing rolls, which can be cut at the job site, are available in .010 and .015 Stainless Steel.
  • Shapes: Shapes are made to customer's specifications as to dimensions, degree of angle at bends, gages, type of material and length. Special shapes are available - just fax your drawing to our estimating department. Shapes can be made with 1/2" hems, turned inside or outside, on long edges.
  • Lengths: Flashings are usually furnished in 10 ft. lengths.


  • Aluminum should not be used as a flashing material in brick masonry construction.
















#1007: Hemmed Drip-Edge Flashing:

  • Used as flashing material to prevent water damage. Drip-Edge is folded back to prevent sharp edge on exterior of wall.
  • 26 gage Stainless Steel 1-1/2” across with a 45° ½” drip-edge hemmed back 3/8” in 10 foot Lengths
  • Custom sizes and lengths available.

Termination Bar:

  • Termination Bar Available Resources

  • Used to secure flashing to an existing wall.

Standard Size:

  • 1/8" x 1-1/4" wide x 8 Feet Long with 5/16" diameter holes every 12" o.c. starting 6" from the end. Stainless Steel.
  • Custom sizes, widths, and steel types are available.
  • Also available in 16 gage x 1-1/4" wide x 10' long. Holes can be spaced 16" or 24" o.c. (Steel types should match the steel type of your flashing to avoid galvanic reaction.)

Tongue & Groove Joints

  • #95 Available Resources

  • Made to order. Specify height, gage, finish, and holes for stake pins and dowels. Furnished in 10 ft. lengths unless otherwise required.


  • Similar to #95, except for 1-1/2" Horizontal leg for additional stability during installation.


  • 18 gage steel in 15", 18", and 24" lengths. Tapered, channel-shaped stakes drive into subgrade easily and fit snugly in stake holes of Joints to help maintain Joint at correct height and location




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