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Cap Type Stabilizing Wall Anchor (420)

Part Number: 420

Used to resist lateral loads at the top of a masonry wall and allow for vertical deflection. Steel bends will be visible at the top of the CMU wall.


Stainless steel

Hot-dip galvanized after fabrication

Milled galvanized

420 Cap Type Stabilizing Wall Anchor 

Used to resist lateral loads and allow for vertical deflection at the top of a masonry wall. The 420 Cap is supplied with two holes for attachment to a concrete slab with expansion anchors, or without slots for welding to a structural beam. Attach the Cap and slide the CMU between the bends. Available 8” long with 3” bends and 1/8” thick. Specify Block Size and Steel type (Mill Galvanized, Hotdip Galvanized after Fabrication or Stainless Steel.)


1/8” with 3” od bends and 8” Length  5/16" holes 


Plate Thickness: 1/8”

Material Specifications 

Stainless Steel: Sheet metal anchors and ties: ASTM A 167, ASTM A 666, ASTM A 240/A240M AISI Type 304. Wire ties and anchors: ASTM A 580 AISI Type 304 (AISI Type 316 available upon request)  

Hotdip Galvanized: ASTM A 153 Class B-2: (1.50 oz/ ft2.)(0.46kg/m2) 

Plain Carbon Steel:  ASTM A1008/A1008M Structural Steel ASTM A36/A36M-08 Wire: ASTM A 82/A82M Tensile Strengths 80,000 psi Yield Point 70,000 psi 

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