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Hairpin Rebar Positioner (374)

Part Number: 374

Used to center vertical rebar in CMU walls before grout is poured.

9 gauge wire: Two block sizes 8" and 12"

Features and Benefits

Used to center vertical rebar in CMU walls

9 gauge wire with 1” diameter eyes in center

Available for 8” and 12” block


Zinc Plated Grade 50 Spring Steel

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#374 Hairpin Rebar Positioner

The Hairpin Rebar Positioner holds rebar in place while you install the next course of block. Reach down, turn the rebar 90°, and pull the rebar up into place. Turn back 90° to lock the rebar in place.

The Hairpin Rebar Positioner:

  • Increases productivity by eliminating overhead lifting of heavy block over rebar.
  • Eliminates need to grout block wall cores in sections, and allows for a monolithic pour of grout.
  • Minimizes rebar waste by an accurate and secure placement method and provides superior structural strength by precise location of vertical reinforcing steel.
  • Allows for full realization of the tensile strength of the rebar, thus meeting specified building codes and designs.

Note: $200 minimum total per order

Material Specifications

Steel: Grade 50 Spring Steel

Plating: Zinc Plating to ASTM B-633 SC1

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