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Plastic Seismic Clip (363)

Part Number: 363

Plastic clip for attaching any 3/16” or 9 gauge masonry veneer anchor to a single horizontal reinforcing wire in the veneer.

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Copolymer Plastic Material

#363 Plastic Seismic Clip

Plastic Clip accepts 9 gage or 3/16” Seismic Continuous Wire and backup wire tie. Used to tie a veneer anchor attached to the backup to a continuous reinforcing wire installed in the veneer.

Continuous Wire is available in 9 gage or 3/16” wire in 10 ft lengths.

The 1995 through 2011 editions of the Masonry Building Code required that Seismic Design Categories E and F include a single continuous wire in the veneer that was mechanically tied back to the backup with clips or hooks. Shake Table research in 2010 has shown that this requirement is not necessary or useful so the requirement has been removed with the 2013 TMS 402 Building Code which was incorporated into the 2015 IBC edition. Municipalities under earlier versions of the 2015 IBC still may be required to utilize this seismic system.

Note: $200 minimum total per order

Material Specifications

Plastic Seismic Clip – Conforms to ASTM D1784.

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