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Helix-Tie Spiral Remedial Tie (391)

Part Number: 391

Remedial Wall Tie provides a quick, effective and economical solution for securing and stabilizing masonry. Existing facades constructed of brick, stone, masonry, precast concrete, etc. that have wall ties missing or corroded, can be re-attached using Remedial Tie without removing the veneer. This stainless-steel helical tie is dry set. The Remedial Tie cuts a threaded groove into the masonry as it is driven into position through a pre-drilled pilot hole. The end result is a strong and permanent connection between wythes without the use of toxic adhesives or rigid mechanical connectors.

Stainless Steel

Catalog No. Diameter (mm) Overall Length (in.) Box Quantity
391-HT0806 8 6 100
391-HT0808 8 8 100
391-HT0810 8 10 100
391-HT0812 8 12 50
391-HT1006 10 6 100
391-HT1008 10 8 100
391-HT1010 10 10 100
391-HT1012 10 12 50

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#391 Spiral Restoration Remedial Tie

The Remedial Wall Ties are manufactured from Type 304 stainless steel and thus provide excellent corrosion resistance.

Available in 8 mm and 10mm diameters in lengths below.

Note: $200 minimum total per order


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