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Spring-Load Dowel (355)

Part Number: 355

Made to Order

Used to attach a stone panel in between two installed stone panels.

Specify diameter of dowel, length of dowel. Spring length beyond dowel should be the same length as the dowel. The spring compresses to have its length.

Available in Stainless Steel.

Stainless Steel: Wire ties and anchors: ASTM A 580 AISI Type 304

(AISI Type 316 available upon request)

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#355 Spring-Loaded Dowel

Spring-Loaded Dowels are used to anchor adjacent stone panels to each other.

Made To Order: Specify Diameter of Dowel 3/8", 1/2", 5/8” or 3/4”. Specify Length of Dowel. The spring length should be the same length as the dowel length. The spring compresses to 1/2 of its uncompressed length. Available only in Stainless Steel. (For Regular Dowels See Product # 155 Dowels)

Pins are shaved 1/2" for placement of the spring. Drill a hole 1 1⁄2 times deeper than the length of the Dowel (minus the spring) the stationary stone. Drill a hole in the 2nd stone 1/2 the length of the Dowel.

Insert the Spring End first into the stationary stone hole and place a flat piece of steel up to the Dowel. (Figure 1.)

Slide the new stone into place Pull the steel piece out so the Dowel will spring back into the hole (Figure 2).

Note: $400 minimum total per order

Figure 1
Figure 2
Example: 3/8” x 3” Dowel required. Overall length will be 6". Hole in left stone will be 4 ½” deep to receive entire compressed spring and dowel (Figure 1). Hole in right stone will be 1 ½” deep.


Finish: Stainless type 304

Material Specifications:

Stainless Steel: Sheet metal anchors and ties: ASTM A 167, ASTM A 666, ASTM A 240/A240M AISI Type 304.

Wire ties and anchors: ASTM A 580 AISI Type 304

(AISI Type 316 available upon request)


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