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427 Askew Head Bolt With Nut Washer
427 Askew Head Bolt With Nut Washer

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Askew Head Bolts (427)

Part Number: 427

When cast into concrete, Shelf Angle Wedge Inserts and Askew Head Bolts provide a secure and adjustable method for fastening shelf angles and other materials to concrete structures.

Askew Head Bolts are available 3/4" diameter, Hotdip Galvanized After Fabrication in lengths of 2", 2-1/2", 3", 4" and 6".

See #425 for the Shelf Angle Insert.

Sold with or without #685-75H Hotdip Washers and #681-75H Hotdip Nuts

See 442 Plastic Horse-Shoe Shim Washers and 443 Steel Horse-Shoe Shim Washers for the shims.

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Features and Benefits

Wedge-shaped head compliments wedge shaped inside face of wedge insert

For fastening shelf angles to concrete structures

To be used with #425 Shelf Angle Wedge Insert

Inserts allow vertical adjustments


Hot-dip galvanized after fabrication

#425 Shelf Angle Wedge Insert

#427 Askew Head Bolts 

Inserts are embedded in concrete slabs to hold Shelf Angles or other devices using #427 Askew Head Bolts.

Note: $200 minimum total per order

427 bolt with nut and washer

¾” diameter - Hotdip Galvanized After Fabrication 

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