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75 Chuck Adapter
75 Chuck Adapter

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Pos-I-Tie® Installation Tools

Part Number: 75

Chuck Adapter for installation of the barrel screws. Use a drill with a depth sensitive nose piece or a variable clutch
adjustment. The barrel end of the Pos-I-Tie® is placed into the reusable chuck adapter.
For steel studs, drill the Pos-I-Tie® through the exterior insulation and into the metal stud. Use a drill with 1500 - 2000 RPM. Do not over-torque!

Sleeve Tool - Allows for drilling hole through up to 2-1/2" insulation and using the same sleeve tool for placement of the Chuck Adapter so you can use one drill for both operations. Pre-drill a 3/16” (4.76 mm) hole to a depth of 2” (51
mm). Slide the Sleeve tool over the drill bit and insert the CMU/Concrete Screw into the chuck adapter. Torque screw
into the pre-drilled hole.

The Chuck Adapter and Sleeve Tool are sold separately.

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#75 Pos-I-Tie® Installation Tools

The Chuck Adapter is a special tool for the Pos-I-Tie® designed for proper installation. The Chuck Adapter will fit any standard power drill.

The Sleeve tool features an integrated drill bit while allowing attachment of the Pos-I-Tie® Chuck Adapter. When installing the Pos-I-Tie® into a concrete, CMU, wood, brick or ICF, it may be necessary to pre-drill a pilot hole. The Sleeve Tool will allow you to switch easily between drill bit and chuck adapter.

Chuck Adapter
Sleeve Tool

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